Just Cause 2 Walkthrough Part 3

Posted by xxxx Friday, 11 June 2010

Mission 2: Casino Bust

So after the tutorial first mission it's time to start roaming around and

least they are pretty easy right? Anyway, you are now at a lovely casino and
need to rescue a guy trapped on the top who is going to be shot at any second.

There will be a first set of guards attacking you on your way to the casino.
Nothing you haven't seen before. To spice things up a bit, there will a
Demolitions officer throwing all of his explosive goods at you. Headshots
are definitely the way to go here as he is quite resistant to body shots.
Try not to be near him when he dies as he lets out a bunch of grenades that
are rigged to blow. Once they blow up, you can loot his weapons and grenades.

Now that you have dealt with the ground troops, it is time get up the top of
the casino and deal with some explosive charges planted by the guards up
there. At the top, there will be three guards in each tower guarding the
charge. There is also an ammo box with an assault rifle in it so be sure to
pick that up. Hack each box and you are welcomed to the easy as hell button
pressing mini-game.

Once you clear each charge, a chopper will rise up to attack. Grapple onto
it and then move to the front of the chopper. Kill the guard hanging out and
then you can hijack the chopper. Whenever you hijack an enemy vehicle, you
will have to complete a button pressing sequence with three presses. Anyway,
once you hijack the helicopter, be ready to use it deal with another
helicopter that is flying in. This particular helicopter is only equipped with
miniguns so you'll have to make do with them.

After you defeat the helicopter, a cut scene will roll and Blaine will be in
trouble. Quickly bail out of the helicopter and get to Blaine. Once you get
near him a cut scene will roll and you'll parachute to safety.

Of course this can't be the end of this mission as it was too easy. Now you'll
have to get back to Blaine's house will riding on top of his car. You need to
start by using the nearby tractor to pull Blaine's car out of a ditch because
he is a drunk douche and won't drive anything else. Attach a dual hook between
the tractor and the car and pull the car out with the tractor. Afterwards, you
will need to jump on the roof and Blaine will start driving to his house. Make
sure you pick up any ammo you need before jumping on.

Will you are riding, you will be attacked multiple times by enemies and their
Humvees. My personal favorite method is to use the dual hook on their vehicles
and then attach the hook to the ground to fling them off of the road or off of
a bridge. You can always shoot them but what fun is that? You also conserve
ammo if you only use the grappling hook.

After a few minutes, you will finally pull up to Blaine's house and the
mission will be complete. After this, you can finally begin your free roam.


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